Weight Lifting Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Weight Lifting Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Weight Lifting Gloves for Sweaty HandsSome people sweat more than others.  Sweating doesn’t always indicate one’s level of fitness or amount of exertion.  Emotional triggers can even cause sweating.  It’s a very natural bodily function, yet lots of people seem a bit to concerned with it.  When it comes to weight lifting however, that concern is warranted.  A sweaty grip on a weight or machine can throw off your form or even be dangerous!  A good pair of weight lifting gloves for sweaty hands is a great option.

Weight Lifting Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Let’s be clear about one thing.  Weight lifting gloves are not just a fitness accessory, they are a workout tool. They’re far more advanced than a piece of fabric between your skin and the weight.  Careful thought and design goes into most gym gloves in order to offer you higher performance without inhibiting movement.

Here’s a couple of reasons to consider a pair of GymPaws® Lifting Grips as a gym glove alternative:

1. They’re made from Leather which is the most durable material you’ll find for exercise and fitness equipment.  Think your gym shoes are just apparel?  They’re actually a very sophisticated piece of equipment that are designed for a specific sport or purpose.  GymPaws® are no different.

2.  GymPaws® gym glove offer superior hand protection from callus causing friction, without the added bulk of a full workout glove. They fit right in the palm of your hand where you need protection on the pressure points of the palm.

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3. If you want something that fits like a glove, without the added bulk then you should probably give these a try!  The 4 finger loops and backing of these “weight lifting gloves for sweaty hands” are made from Hydrophobic Neoprene.  The loops make them fit like a glove, and the material actually repels water and moisture!

4.  The simple design of the GymPaws® Lifting Grip allows for maximum air circulation – which means a dryer hand and grip!  If you’re pron to sweating in the first place, the last thing you need is a super restrictive and heavy workout glove!