Fitness Gift Ideas for Him

What Fitness Products Make A Good Gift

Fitness Gift Ideas for HimThere are officially 81 days until Christmas and if you believe the National Retail Federation (NRF) holiday shopping is well under way.  Every year we say the same thing, the christmas shopping and gift giving season seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  Perhaps it is power of suggestion, but regardless it's never too early to start crossing some ideas of the list.  We've compileed a list of what fitness products make a good gift idea.

Best Gym Gloves For Crossfit or Weightlifting

Consistently for 3 years now, the original leather weight lifting grip from GymPaws® has been named the Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves and they're just as popular with women as well. The compact and slightly padded leather palm fits right in the palm of the hands offering hand protection from the callus causing friction of training with weights.  They help to ease hand fatigue and enhance grip as well.  The four finger loops on the Neoprene backing assures that these grips fit like a glove.  They're great for anyone into Crossfit workouts because they allow for maximum air circulation which means no more sweaty hands.  Guys and girls into weightlifting appreciate that they can protect their hands and increase their grip without having to wear big bulky bodybuilding gloves. 

Fitness Christmas Presents

What Fitness Products Make A Good Gift

Gloves aren't always a great idea because you can never really know if they'll fit properly.  It's kind of like buying someone a pair of gym shoes online.  That's why GymPaws Leather lifting grips are idea because they're unisex in size and design.  The elasticity of the finger loops stretch for larger fingers. 

Another great gift idea for someone who works out is a one or a pair of Compression Knee Sleeves.  If your recipient is into weightlifting then they already know the importance of good form when lifting heavy weights like when doing squats or deadlifts.  The BOA® Compression Knee sleeves are one of the highest quality and most comfortable knee support available.  We just released them!  You can check out our full catalog right here on the website or on