Best Crossfit Exercises To Get Abs - Video Demo

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Best Crossfit Exercises To Get Abs

Best Crossfit Exercises To Get Abs

Best Crossfit Gloves

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts existed long before Crossfit became popular.  While the popularity of crossfit WODs hit a all time high thanks to the millennials, many of the exercises have been sculpting 6 pack abs and butts of granite for decades.  So what are the best crossfit exercises to get abs?

There's More To The Core

Mention 6 pack abs to someone and they immediate picture a shredded mid section displaying those infamous 6 or 8 pack slabs of muscle, but there's far more to the core muscles than those that you can see.  Crossfit itself isn't going to give you the v shape on guys or a sexy tiny waist on girls, your diet and lifestyle will determine if you'll be able to see the fruits of your labor. 

Best Crossfit Exercises To Get Abs

Having said that, one of the reasons Crossfit WODs are effective has less to do with any one individual exercise, but rather the pace and intensity in which the workout is completed.  A typical workout may include a deadlift variation like Sumos, Romanian or Snatch Grip to work the major muscles of the lower body.  Reverse Hack Squats and Prisoner Squats are also great.  Upper body moves may include Knees To Elbows (video demo) and other pull ups variations as well as Hammer Slams and Tire Tosses.

You likely won't see someone in a Crossfit class on the floor busting out 300 ab crunches or doing oblique exercises.  Movements that focus on total body conditioning or functional training are the best crossfit exercises to get abs. 

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