Best Biceps Exercises For Mass

massive-biceps I think it’s safe to say that all men fantasize about sex, practically all day long. Coming in a close second is having bigger biceps.  What man doesn’t want to carry giant guns around on their arms? Most men also think its impossible. But I must be quick to tell them that it is not impossible, but much easier than you may think.
Beginners don’t need to focus so hard on having a direct arm workout, but focus more on doing chins ups, rows, and all sorts of presses and dips. The results will blow you away. In fact, there is no need for a direct arm workout for about the first year of proper training.  Here are a couple tips for the best biceps exercises you can do…
First, focus on making some big gains – pack on twenty or thirty pounds and then you can start to plan arm curls. While telling an intermediate or advance lifter that there biceps will grow from dips and chin ups they may laugh at you in your face. This advice is really only going to help you out in the first year of training.
Next, you would want to begin isolation training to build bigger biceps. For example, it will be time to start curling some heavy weights.

Getting Started

I would recommend starting with 2-3 sets of curls twice a week towards the end of your upper body days. You do not need to go overboard right off the bat. Keep it simple and when you experience some major growth, then feel free to start experimenting with more weight and positions.
Pick one compound bicep exercise per workout such as an EZ bar curl (avoid the straight bar to save your elbows and wrists!) or standing arm curls and do 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.  As you get stronger, add weight and more reps over time.


For intermediate to advanced lifers, keep your reps a bit higher on curls than other exercises. The stronger you are the more repetitions you should strive to achieve.  Your biceps will respond better to higher reps!
Begin with a  weight you can do 8-10 reps with and stay with it until you can get between 12-15 reps. Then its time to increase the weight and start that cycle all over again. Don’t loose patience if you cant do more reps the very next time you do curls. You have to be consistent and stick with the exercise for 6-8 weeks while increasing weight and reps to build bigger biceps. When you eventually are curling some very big weights, I wouldn’t go below ten reps. That will keep you healthy and training longer and harder.


While performing these exercises, be sure to squeeze and contract your biceps are hard as you can through the entire range of motion and never release the tension. When it comes to building bigger biceps, you must stay focused and concentrate on the muscle you are working so all your tension is on that bicep and not a single other muscle.
Do not forget to stretch! Most people will workout there muscles and move onto cardio or just leave the gym all together. Stretching is very important for your muscles. It not only relieves the tension from your workout, but increases blood flow which will help your muscles when they are rebuilding the muscle tissue from your workout.


Now you have some tips for building bigger biceps, so what are you waiting for? Get to the gym and get pumping!