Body Weight Skull Crushers – Exercise Video Demo

Body Weight Skull Crushers – Exercise Video Demo

A good Triceps Workout for mass!I read somewhere that Skull Crushers are the only exercise that has a “warning” in their name.  I can only image how the name came about, but what I do know is that it’s probably one of the single best Triceps Exercises you can do.  What’s even more awesome about this exercise is that you don’t even need a gym to do them!  Body weight Skull Crushers can be just as effective and getting those shirt busting guns that you’re shooting for!

Body weight Skull Crushers

Guys may laugh off most body weight exercises because they think they need to be lifting mass amounts of weight to build muscle.  This really isn’t the case and you can visit any cross-training gym or take a circuit / bootcamp style class so see some really hot physiques that were built from mostly bodyweight exercises.  For the women fear not, you’re not going to get the bulk the guys will anyway because of purely genetic reasons, and this is an awesome exercise to help tone the upper arms.

What are Body weight Skull Crushers?

They’re a variation of the common Skull Crusher Tricep workout.  With weights, you’re laying on a bench and extending a barbell to your forehead.  With the bodyweight version you’re using gravity, positioning, and well… your body’s own weight.

How to Do Body weight Skull Crushers.

1.  In the Gym:  On a Smith Machine or rack set, adjust the bar to waist height or slightly higher.  Outside the Gym:  You can use just about any stable object that allows you to grasp with your hands like a counter top or staircase railing.

2.  Keep your abs tight and form a plank as you grasp the bar from the upright position.  (Note:  a pair of lifting grips will ease hand fatigue and give you a more stable grip.)

3.  Lower your body, bending at the elbows until your forehead is about to touch the bar.  You’ll want to focus on keeping  your elbows tucked into your sides as much as possible. Pause.

4.  Return back to the starting position, and that completes one full rep!


The higher the bar, the less you’ll be working the Triceps.  The lower the bar, the more you’ll hit the triceps.

This is not only a great Triceps Exercise, but it’s a good stability exercise.  Because you’re also engaging your core in “planking” you’ll probably even feel it in your abs as well!