Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps

Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps

Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps - GymPaws Gym GlovesEXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  While most gyms aren’t going to have true Parallel Bars, you can definitely find them in tons of parks, playgrounds, and even beaches!  When it comes to adding mass to your arms, few exercises compare to Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps!

Muscles Worked with Parallel Bar Dips

Triceps – Without a doubt all dips variations are going to engage and fire up the triceps.  The key to any dips variation for Triceps is to maintain a slow and controlled movement.  When the triceps is contracted (at the top of the movement) is where you’re getting the most bang for you buck.  So when you’re in the full upright position, remember to pause and really focus on squeezing the triceps.

Keeping your elbows as tight in towards the body is also going to help you maintain proper form… along with keeping your abs tight.

Chest – By varying the position of your body you can use parallel bar dips for triceps to target your chest as well.  By positioning yourself slightly forward from your natural center of gravity you’ll be tapping those pecs into play.

Shoulders – Virtually every upper body exercise will engage the shoulders altho dips aren’t usually grouped into the “shoulder workout category.”  One of the most difficult parts of the shoulder to develop is the posterior delts (back of shoulders).  Because it’s such a small muscle and acts as a secondary muscle to most movements, it’s really hard to isolate.  Dips are definitely a great workout for the posterior delts!

Back – Pull Ups and Dips are two of the best back exercises you can do!  Pull ups are going to target your lats, and dips will target the upper back a bit more.

Parallel Bar Dips for Triceps

1. Place yourself inbetween the parallel bars and grab the bars.  Depending on the height of the bars (in relation to you) you might need to hop up a bit to get your elbows locked out and in the upright position.  This is your starting position.

2. Lower yourself down slowing while focusing on keeping your elbows pointed straight back.  Try to get the full extension by lowering your upper arm until it’s about parallel with the bar.

3. Return yourself back to the starting position, pause and continue on to your second rep.

This is a perfect exercise to use a pair of Lifting Grips.  Like gymnasts who protect their hands with hand taping, you’ll find that a lifting grip will eliminate the friction on your hand while allowing you to maintain a solid grip.