Bodyweight Skull Crushers – Tear Up Those Triceps!

Bodyweight Skull Crushers – Tear Up Those Triceps!

Bodyweight Skull Crushers for TricepsExercise Video Demo:  Triceps are relatively easy to develop if you’re using the right exercises.  Making a fist and flexing the biceps is a universal sign to indicate muscle or strength, but it’s actually the Triceps Muscle (Triceps Brachii) that really adds beef to the upper arms!  Bodyweight workouts are the top Fitness Trend for 2015 and the Bodyweight Skull Crusher for triceps is definitely an exercise you need to add to your list.  Here’s how it’s done…

Bodyweight Skull Crusher

1.  If you’re in the gym then head over to the Smith Machine.  Rack the bar at about mid-torso level.

2.  Grab the bar with your hands shoulder width apart, walk your feet back and position them about hip width apart.

3.  Keep your abs tight and with elbows tucked in, lower your body down putting your head “through” the Smith Machine or under the bar.

4.  On the exhale, return yourself to the starting position.

Tips for the Bodyweight Skull Crusher

–  You can also do this exercise on the TRX, and if you’re not in the gym you can do it using a staircase railing at home or even a park bench if you’re outside.  Using the Smith Machine you’re able to get further extension because you can go under the bar, however you may not be able to do this using the other options.

–  This is where a pair of GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips comes in handy.  Because they’re leather and not a spongy material that “sticks” to the bar, it allows for natural hand rotation which is important.  The other advantage obviously is that you’re also reducing friction which leads to calluses.Best Gym Gloves

–  This is an awesome Triceps Exercise because it’s very easy to progressively load the resistance by simply lowering the bar.  The lower the bar the more difficult the exercise becomes.

–  If you’re trying this for the first time, keep the bar in line with mid to upper torso.  It’s really important to master proper form before trying to add more resistance.

–  Keeping your core muscles tight throughout the movement is important for stability.  You’ll notice that your body is essentially forming a plank, which is why the Bodyweight Skull Crusher gives the abs a nice workout too.