Triceps Kickback with Free Weight – Exercise Video Demo

Triceps Kickback with Free Weight – Exercise Video Demo

Triceps Kickback with free WeightsTriceps kickback with free weight seems to be one of the most popular triceps exercise next to the tricep pushdown and pulldown.  It’s also the one I see most people doing incorrectly.  Here’s how to do a Triceps Kickback with Free Weight properly as well as some common errors that will be easy for you to fix once you’re aware of them!

Triceps Kickback with Free Weight

1. Start by placing your left hand and left knee on a flat weight bench.  Grab a dumbbell with your right hand and with elbow bent, bring your arm up so that your upper arm is parallel to the floor.

2. Begin the movement by extend your arm behind you until your elbow is almost in a straight line and parallel to the floor.

3. Slowly bring the weight back to the starting position.  This is one complete repetition.

Triceps Kickback with Free Weight Tips

– It’s not necessary to use a weight bench, however you will find that it makes it easier to stabilize your non working arm and it also help you to maintain proper posture and form.

– The biggest mistake most people make doing triceps kickback with free weight is that they are simply trying to use too much weight.  If the weight is too heavy you’re not going to be able to full extend the arm and complete the full range of motion.  The biggest “stress load” on the triceps is at the top of the movement (when the arm is parallel to the floor), so if you’re never getting to that point, you’re not optimizing this triceps exercise.

– It’s also important that you keep your elbows in tight to your side. This is another good indicator of if the weight you’re moving might be a bit too much for you to handle.

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