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Triceps Workouts For Mass | Dumbbell Floor Press

So let’s assume you’re a fan of working out.  You look fit, and it’s unmistakable that you hit the gym regularly.  Inevitably you’re going to be at a party, among your co-workers or even and the gym when someone asks you to “flex for me”.  Show me your muscles they say.  Whadda ya do?  Most likely you give em the gun show and flex those biceps right?  But what about the triceps?  The “back” of your arm or the triceps muscles are more responsible for the size and appearance of your arms than is the biceps.   A good triceps workout for mass should be a key component of your workout routine.  The dumbbell floor press is one of the most effective triceps exercises you can do, and one that’s regularly crossfit gloves, triceps workouts for mass, big back gym grips

First of all let’s make sure you understand the triceps muscle and what it is.  Sounds silly, but you need to be sure you’re training with a good mind / body connection, and that can’t happen if you don’t know what you’re doing! In a nutshell, the triceps muscle or “tricpes brachii muscle” is located on the back of the upper arm.  It’s primary purpose is extension of the arm at the elbow.  The triceps gets its name as a “three headed muscle” because it’s composed of three bundles of muscles which join together at the elbow.

Most guys wouldn’t want a pair of jacked up arms and this is only going to happen by building the triceps.  Common among serious weight lifters is the term “horseshoe triceps” which describes the shape a well developed and defined upper arm.

Effective triceps workouts to build mass will include more than just the dumbbell floor press.  Just like with training any muscle group, it’s important to mix it up and constantly be challenging your muscles (and your mind) with new exercises!  You can read about some more of the best triceps exercises here.

I think the main reason more people don’t add the dumbbell floor press into their workout routines is simple because it’s a bit awkward to do in a busy gym or weight lifting room as it requires you to be on the floor.


To Do the Dumbbell Floor Press:

1. Grab your favorite workout gloves and the dumbbell weight you’re going to begin with.

2. Lay on the floor and push the weight up to full extension position.  Feel the squeeze in your triceps and hold for a second.

3. Continue back to starting position and continue with your reps!

It’s not a difficult move as you can see, and it will help you bust through any training plateaus you may be experiencing!  Because the dumbbell floor press limits your range of motion you’re shifting emphasis from your chest to the triceps.  You’ll also find that you can use heavier weights than you might normally use with a dumbbell chest press.