Barbell Incline With Bench Press Gloves

Barbell Incline With Bench Press Gloves

Bench Press Gym Gloves

The muscles of the chest are one of the most frequently trained by guys in the gym.  Unfortunately, its also the one muscle group that’s most commonly over trained!  With any muscle group, most is not more.  With each workout, the fibers of the muscle are broken down, and it’s the repair process that actually builds muscle.  Without rest and repair, you can’t build a bigger chest, and without some good bench press gloves, you may not be getting the best workout you can.

Barbell Incline Chest Press

The incline chest press is going to help target the upper part of the chest, although with any chest exercise the entire muscle is engaged.


The movement is fairly self explanatory but here’s a quick review.

1. Lie back on the bench, and wearing your bench press gloves, grasp the bar about shoulder width apart.

2. Release the bar from the rack and extend the arms straight up.

3. While exhaling, lower the bar down to about the mid chest, without resting and complete the repetition by returning to the extended arms position.

Midway though the motion your arms should form a 90 degree angle if you’re doing it properly.

The Benefits of Bench Press Gloves

Gym gloves that are leather are just going to be better because they’re the most durable. All GymPaws® gym gloves are made from 100% genuine Italian Leather.

Slight padding on the palm of the grips will alleviate some pressure, reducing hand fatigue and friction.

4 Finger loops will assure that the grips stay in place so you don’t have to worry about your grip slipping as you struggle to complete your sets.

No bulky gym gloves, means no sweaty smelly gloves!  GymPaws are the perfect bench press gloves because they won’t inhibit movement.  You’ll get the most out of your workout and hopefully you’ll be on your way to building a bigger and stronger chest!

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