Weight lifting gloves are not the first thing people associate with Eugen Sandow.  He was a vaudeville and circus performer by trade, but become renowned worldwide as the “father” of modern day bodybuilding. or weight lifting which is more commonly used in the 21st century.  The daily routine of someone looking to pack on muscle and change their physique has changed dramatically since then.  Weight lifting gloves, equipment, and gym gear has unfortunately not changed.

Weight Lifting Gloves

The word itself obviously tells you what they are.  A glove or some sort of hand protection. Gymrats use them while they are lifting weights or weight training.   The design of the modern workout glove hasn’t change much over the years until GymPaws disrupted the exercise and fitness market 5 years ago.

Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand right at the pressure points, our grips changed weight training forever.  Four finger loops keep them in place.  Optimal padding protects not inhibits touch.