Zebra Leather Grips Weight Lifting


The best fitness accessory you’ll ever own.  Zebra Leather Grips Weight Lifting are made to impress and made to last!

Color: Zebra
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best crossfit gloves women, crossfit gloves, pink workout gloves, best workout gloves, lifting grips, gym gripsZebra Leather Grips Weight Lifting by GymPaws®

You don’t lift weights with the back of your hands.  You don’t do pull ups or a kettlebell workout using the back of your hands.  Why do you need a full weight lifting glove for the back of your hand?  GymPaws® Leather Grips Weight Lifting give you protection right where you need it… in the palm of your hands!

Genuine Leather – GymPaws® Weightlifting Grips are made from real Leather.  Leather is one of the most durable materials and the best material for weightlifting grips!

Wicks away sweat. – The back of GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips is made from Neoprene.  Neoprene is the same material used for scuba diving gear because it does not absorb water, and that means your grips won’t absorb sweat!  Gym Paws have a slight padding to cushion the pressure from bodyweight or weight lifting exercises.

4 Finger Loops. – Some lesser quality weight lifting grips are designed with only two or three finger loops (if any).  This means that the grip will move around during your workout and won’t stay on your hands.  GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips have 4 Finger Loops which means they will stay in place even through the toughest workouts!

Washable. – If you workout hard, you probably sweat just as hard!  Your workout gloves or weight lifting grips come in contact with some of the dirtiest surfaces in the gym.  You can toss your GymPaws® weightlifting grips into the washing machine with your gym clothes, and then right into the dryer too!

Zebra Leather Grips Weight Lifting are only one of the cool colors available!  If you like Animal Print workout gear you can check out our Cheetah Paws as well!

Regardless of if you’re doing a CrossFit Workout or killin it in the weight room pumping iron… Workout your Body, not your Hands!™





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