Leather Weight Lifting Grips – American Flag


American Flag Leather Weight Lifting Grips by GymPaws® – These Colors Don’t Run!

Color: USA Flag
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best weight lifting grips, weight lifting grip, leather weightlifting grips, weight lifting strapGymPaws™ American Flag Weight Lifting Grips were designed with our friends in the US Armed Forces in mind.  Not only do they demonstrate American pride – but they just as tough as the men and women who fight for our country every day!

Why Do You Need Weight Lifting Grips?

Well, you don’t actually.  You don’t need to workout either.  You choose to workout to stay fit and healthy and you choose to use weight lifting grips when you don’t want to get nasty calluses on your hands from weight lifting.  A 20 pound dumbbell is still 20 pounds whether you have a lifting grip on or not.  However you may find it easier to lift that dumbbell a few more times if you’re wearing one!

Why are GymPaws® Lifting Grips Better?

In one word: Leather.  Leather is the best material for a weight lifting grip because it’s the most durable.  It won’t shred apart like rubber lifting grips can, and it offers more protection than fabric lifting grips do.  The unique 4 Finger Loop Neoprene Backing of these weight lifting grips keep them in place even through the toughest workouts!  Because Neoprene naturally wicks away sweat, you won’t get sweaty palms or end up with funky smelling workout gloves.

Who Uses Weight Lifting Grips?

You don’t have to be a hardcore gym rat to use GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips!  Whether you’re a professional athlete, Crossfit fanatic, bodybuilder, personal trainer or weight lifting junkie – you’ll find that GymPaws® are a simple solution to a simple problem.  Avoid getting dry, torn, cracked and callused hands, by making sure you have something between your skin and the cold hard metal weights!

Workout Your Body – Not Your Hands! ™



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