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GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips

$19.99 $16.99

GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips are the Top Rated Workout Gloves – and they’re not even Gloves!  GymPaws® Leather Weight Lifting Grips fit right in the palm of your hands.  Because they’re made from Real Leather they’ll stand up to the toughest workouts! $1 from every pair of GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips is donated to The Breast Cancer Charities of America®

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Great Alternative to Bulky Workout Gloves

GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips are designed to give you the protection of a full workout glove, without all the extra bulk!

A No Slip Grip Means A Better Workout

If you don’t have to worry about your grip slipping, or your hands getting tired before you do, then you can focus on your workout!  Because GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips are made from Leather – they’ll outlast and out perform all the other options on the market.

Workout Your Body – Not Your Hands

Whether you use them as CrossFit Gloves, Weightlifting Gloves, Workout Gloves or Gym Gloves, these Pink Lifting Grips will be your new favorite workout buddy regardless of how you use em.  Lifting weights and strength training, circuit training and cardio, or any time you’re in the gym and want to avoid getting nasty calluses – GymPaws® are the best!  Because they have a slightly padded palm, you may even find them easing the pressure of heavy lifts, or body weight exercises like pull ups.

No More On and Off!

Traditional weight lifting gloves can be bulky and aren’t always the easiest to take on and off.  Because GymPaws® Pink Lifting Grips fit right around your fingers, you can easily take em on and off within seconds.  But they don’t restrict movement in the first place, so you may find yourself keeping them on throughout your whole workout! breast

Your Purchase Supports Breast Cancer Awareness! GymPaws® is proud to be part of the iGoPink Campaign of The Breast Cancer Charities of America®.  Their mission is to promote and encourage Fitness and Nutrition as an element of Breast Cancer prevention, treatment, and survival.


GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves
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 • 888-826-8033

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Better than I expected

Oct 03, 2016 by Cher

It is very soft and fit my hand perfectly. to be honest, it is better than I expect.

Super protection qui évite les callosités,

Aug 01, 2016 by Clint

C'est mon deuxième achat, le premier date de 2013, et c'est vraiment génial. Ca protège beaucoup mieux que les gants de muscu classique. C'est surtout utile quand on fait du rowing, du tirage vertical ou horizontal pour la séance de dos. Je recommande à 100 % ce gant, c'est un 4 doigts qui est beaucoup plus confortable que ceux en 3 doigts, en cuir et beaucoup plus moelleux que ceux en plastique. Bref que du bon !!!

Great Rowing Gloves

Aug 01, 2016 by Tara P.

I just tried these out for the first time at the gym this morning and let me say that these are a game changer. Traditional gloves get so hot and itchy, not to mention the neoprene wears easily. These are made with leather, which I noticed provided much more grip than neoprene. My hands stayed cool and secure on a variety of machines. Most of all, I got these for rowing and they're perfect.

Avoid Callouses with GymPaws

Jun 16, 2016 by Angie Maler

I bought these because I was getting callouses when using my rowing machine, but I have now found the solution with GymPaws! These are comfortable and prevent callouses without being bulky or ugly. Great product!

Great Rowing Gloves

Apr 14, 2016 by Craig Barber

I had purchased a similar product to try in the past for use with my concept 2 rower.
My fingers tend to get very sore when I use the rower without any sort of hand protection. I had to stop rowing completely for awhile.
The other product I purchased; although it did provide hand protection, was not comfortable at all and I stopped using it shortly after I got it.
These GymPaws are MUCH more comfortable and practical. The leather feels like it is high quality and the gloves fit snug without constant movement. So far they seem to be very durable. I expect that they will last a long time.
I look forward to being able to use my rower daily without contstant finger pain. Definitely worth the purchase.

Good For Crossfit

Dec 15, 2015 by Jonathan Duab

I use these for crossfit and they have helped my knees to elbows a lot. they do get a bit slippery which is why they didnt get 5 stars but overallim very happy with the product

My Hands Thank You

Jul 13, 2015 by B Dryer

These are awesome!! I seriously have a hard time lifting heavy on my deadlifts because my hands end up hurting worse than my back. With GymPaws I can keep moving up in weight without sacrificing my hands. I LOVE THEM!! (I'm a woman. I lift heavy 5-6 times a week.)

I actually like them!

Apr 21, 2015 by H. Young

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered these. I needed new weight lifting gloves and read all the reviews. I ordered this and a pair of Meister gloves for women. I mainly want a pair of gloves to keep me from getting calluses on my palms and fingers. The Meisters were too short on my fingers. These cover perfectly. It is taking me time to get used to the way they feel, but they do exactly what I want - cover my palm and lower fingers so I don't get calluses on my fingers. I lift heavy and these are solving my problem. I haven't tried them using pullups but I think they will work great. Overall I'm very happy with them. I'm returning the Meister gloves and keeping these.

Good Gloves!

Apr 18, 2015 by Allison P

I have used them for my last 3 workouts and they have worked well. The main reason I got them was for doing kipping pull-ups. I have not had a tear in my hands or worsening of my calluses. The only set back is that if you are using a metal bar, the leather of the gym paws will not provide a great deal of friction and you might feel your hands slipping a little. Overall, I am very happy with the product.

Awesome for bootcamp

Dec 24, 2014 by Melanie Hast

OMG I love these!!! I am a petite person and have a hard time finding gloves that fit. I used them this morning - machine work and pull-ups - they performed even better than expected. Nice no-slip grip, nice cushioning! I walked away with no new blisters and my hands don't ache like they normally do!!!! These will definitely be recommended to all my boot camp buddies.

Love em for crossfit gloves

Dec 02, 2014 by Erin Dooke

I ordered these workout gloves specifically for CrossFit. Very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. The use of leather makes these gloves well worth using for CrossFit. Very comfortable to use.

These are cool!

Oct 05, 2014 by Adrian

Just got the Gloves this morning, great product!
So, i am read for the GYM! Good bye calluses and stupid gym gloves!

Very Cool

Aug 11, 2014 by Britney M

Just got these in the mail. Look well made. cannot wait to use them for Crossfit gloves

Gloves for Pull ups

Jul 23, 2014 by DeLaRenta M.

Like these better than the gloves I have. I do cross fit so they come in handy when doing pull ups and kettle bell swings. They help a lot!

Loving the paws!

Jul 16, 2014 by Audrey Walsh

A friend recommended gym paws to me and everyone at my gym is getting hooked.
Wish you had some with rhinestones on them...

Works Great

Jun 05, 2014 by Darryl Miles

I bought these for kettle-bell work. I was tired of the high rep work tearing callouses. These work great after half an hour my callouses aren't bothered at all. It took a few sets to get used to them especially hand to hand transitions but now they feel just as natural as barehanded.

Cushy Thick Do the Trick

May 10, 2014 by Angela Capobianco

So it takes getting used to if you've always used gloves prior. But these are thicker pads and honestly do a better job of protecting your palm from the grip. I'm a lady, with small, midget hands and they fit fine. They cover that part on your middle finger that always gets a callous with regular gloves (YAY!!!) and there is less friction in general. For pull ups - SOOOOO much better than gloves, they grip the bar and are thick so you don't have to clench so tight. I like em, I'd buy them again. The only think I'd change is the finger hole placement. Offset the pointer finger hole a little and you're golden. Great idea, Mr. Inventor Man.

Crossfit Gloves / Lifting Grips

Apr 06, 2014 by Shannon Lightfoot

I've seen a lot of variations of these hand grips/ pads for crossfit. Unlike some of the other grips, these grips does not augment your grip which is essential to legally using in workouts, also the leather pad prevents the skin between your palm and fingers from pinching which eventually lead to the tears/rips. These are exactly what I was looking for. The pads fit snugly in my hand and are barely visible when working out.

Great Product!

Apr 03, 2014 by Sondra Gallagher

Don't like gloves but hate callouses even more and having small hands makes finding workout gloves that fit well next to impossible...Progrips-GymPaws are an awesome perfect, don't feel like gloves and protect my hands. Definitely recommend!

Satisfied Customer

Crossfit Gloves

Mar 17, 2014 by Oliver Tanguy

I bought this pair of workout gloves for crossfit, after being disappointed with the gloves and bodybuilding grips. Gympaws
product better meets my expectations: it allows for a great grip without tearing the skin and it is easy to put on and remove. I think I'm done with calluses from my WOD!

Better Than Expected

Mar 12, 2014 by TG

I bought these based on the reviews and was a bit skeptical. Been using them for the past week and all I can say is that they work as advertised. They do slip a bit on the metal bar I have for pull ups at first, but they break in as you use them.. but other than that they are great workout gloves.

GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves 888-826-8033 7119 W Sunset Blvd, #752 Los Angeles CA, 90046 USA 4.8 5.0 21 21 It is very soft and fit my hand perfectly. to be honest, it is better than I expect.

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