Grey Weightlifting Grip Pads


Thousands of customers worldwide have voted GymPaws® the #1 Top Rated Weightlifting Grip Pads!  No workout is too tough for GymPaws®!

Color: Grey
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Toss your old school weightlifting grip pads in the trash where they belong!  GymPaws® will outlast any of the Amazon gym gloves you’ve tried before.

Why are GymPaws® Weightlifting Grip Pads better than the rest?

Real Leather is Real Better. –  GymPaws® Weightlifting Grip Pads are made from the highest quality Leather to give you the longest lasting, more durable grip possible!  Because Leather is a natural product, as you use your new grips they will “break in” and become even more comfortable.

No slip Grip. – We use Neoprene material for the back of GymPaws® Weightlifting Grips because it doesn’t absorb water.  You can sweat all you want, and your grip won’t slip.  Traditional weightlifting gloves tend to absorb sweat which leaves them smelly after a few workouts.

Four Finger Loops.  – You need to focus on your workout, not on whether or not your grips will fall off.  4 finger loops assure that your weightlifting grips stay in place even though the toughest workouts!

Wash and Dry. – When you toss your sweaty gym clothes into the washing machine and dryer, feel free to wash your GymPaws® too!  One of the most important features considered when designing GymPaws® was the ability to be able to wash and dry them easily!

A Grip for Every Workout. – Whether you’re tearing it up at your CrossFit box, or sweatin it out in the weight room your GymPaws® will protect your hands throughout any workout!

GymPaws® Weightlifting Grip Pads will be your new favorite gym accessory!

Workout your Body, not your Hands!™

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