Who decides what are the best gym glove? There is a famous quote by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that says “You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. We don’t feel too self indulgent to call our product the Best Gym Gloves, therefore we’re grateful millions of customers agree.

Best Gym Gloves

When we launched our brand 5 years ago it was because we saw a need for a better mouse trap. Personally hating the feeling of old school bulky gym gloves, inspiration came quickly. The goal was to design a product that did the same job as those relics, while putting conscious effort into design and deliver-ability.

GymPaws became known on Amazon.  We are grateful.  But our gym gloves are the best because of the people who make them, not the reviews you read.  Personal Trainers, exercise physiologists and gymrats concur.  Our design is simple, our concept is mind blowing.